tiistai 30. syyskuuta 2014

Cherry blossom coverup, on the road

First there was a text(not made by me). Done with a different font that customer asked for. She felt it looked wrong and not "her own", so she wanted a coverup with lily flower or cherry blossom. 

The sketching of the idea I sent to the customer with some styles of coloring (those beautiful tattoos are not made by me!)

Here is the sketch I painted while working on the road.

The hospitality @ Karijoki was  overwhelming! ^_^ 

After Karijoki I went to Sastamala, the old Äetsä, where I've grown up. :) Couple of times in a year I'm working there @ Selkäpysäkki. Here is the drawing with marker and lining.

Here is the result. Tattooing took 4hours(+ some short breaks). 
It was very nice project to do! :)

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