torstai 2. lokakuuta 2014

Foxy stuff! ^_^

Customer had a dream, where was a fox running down the ladder. How inspiring is that! ^_^   Fox is definitely my favorite animal(well ok, maybe after deer..), so I have been very exited with this project!

First sketch of the idea. The booty is still a bit too thin here. Ladders are too heavy looking and taking too much attention. 

Here I have modified the bottom and ladders and also added some flow and movement with new leaves. Thinking of color... Fresh greens with a hint of autumn. Ladders are made of birch. The foxy is quite orange and customer asked it to be more red. And the shiny, healthy fur was important wish too! It is a happy, free fellow! ^_^

And the ready one in leg. 

It took 5sittings; 

1st the stencil and 
modifying the grass and leaves going more with the anatomy and flow using a sharpie, 
then lines and darkest grey tone, 

2nd working with gray shadows and the greens

3th coloring the leaves again with green
(there happened an accident  on 3rd healing day with stockings and 
some of the color peeled off) 
coloring the red and yellow leaves
coloring the ladder

4th coloring the fox

5th smoothing the fox a little bit, 
adding white on its tale and ears, 
making background with yellow, green and  blue tones, also using white
adding the details

Now I need a new fox to work with! :D

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